Computer Application Technology - Rekenaartoepassingstegnologie - 2019-04-24

Revision on WORD: Inserting Bookmarks and Hyperlinks Reviewing and Tracking Changes Line Breaks for example Widow/Orphan control. Electronic forms. Grade 10 and 11 work Revision in HTML:  Important is tables, with all the properties Colspan will be there every paper. Inserting a picture will be there in some form. ... meer

History - Geskiedenis - 2019-04-24

Learners: This blog is for discussion purposes as well as info for you. 1. Topic 1 - Communism in Russia 1900 to 1940, pages 1 - 61 2. Topic 2 - Rise of Capitalism in the USA 1900 to 1940, pages 62 - 97 3. Topic 3 - Ideas of Race in the late 19th and 20th centuries, pages 101 -154 At the end of April, all topic 1's activities mus... meer

Daily activities - just an update! - 2019-04-10

16 May 2019:  Sokker speel vanmiddag teen Westonaria!  Sterkte daar.  Sterkte vir more se vraestel 3 vir tale en dan ook die rugby teen Roodepoort.  Roodepoort bring nie o/15 rugby nie, so die o/15s speel teen Carleton Jones.  5 van ons leerders was in 'n motorongeluk, ons wag nog vir meer inligting. 15 May 2019:&nbs... meer

Sosiale Media / Social Media - 2019-02-01

And once again, the social media bomb hits with another school getting visits from violent protestors who has no idea of what the situation was.  Wonderfontein makes it very clear that none of these things will be tolerated.  Your child's post might endanger him or herself, as well as the other learners in the school.  He or she ... meer

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